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Driver’s License Renewal in Connecticut

May 21st, 2012

A driver’s license needs to be renewed every certain period of time.  The DMV office (see: will notify you ahead if your driver’s license is nearing its expiration. In Connecticut, driver’s license for adults will expire after four years. In older people over 65 years old, they need to renew their license every two years.

In renewing a driver’s license, one could do it earlier or 120 days before the expiration date. Although you can also renew it post the expiration date but it would be dangerous for you if you drive without a license. You will face a serious violation if caught red-handed. If you will renew your license only after 2 years from expiration, you will undergo a process just like how you get your driver’s license. Moreover, effective last July 1, 2011, if you renew your license late there will be a $25 fee. See this page for more details.

In renewing your driver’s license in Connecticut, you need to visit the nearest Full Service DMV Branch. On your visit, you need to bring your latest CDL or commercial driver’s license. If you do not have your driver’s license with you, presenting two forms of acceptable identification is the only alternative. Here’s a page if you want to know more about the forms of identification they accept: You also need to have U.S DOT or CT Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

It is also possible to renew your driver’s license online. However, this option is only available to people whose situation doesn’t allow them to visit the DMV office. Also, renewing through mail requires you to provide a lot of private information to verify your identity.

To know more about Connecticut’s DMV, you can visit this website:



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